Wednesday, April 27, 2011


...probably every illustrator has a box (or boxes) of old promo postcards floating around, stacks of ephemera destined for the landfill, but momentarily taking up closet space. Here are some of mine, from newer (pay no attention to AOL addresses...), some older, some practically prehistoric...

Two very early postcard promos for Heaven, Brad Benedict's groundbreaking 70's diner/store in LA...this rocker was my 2nd published illo for "L.A. Weekly"

for the Paramount Hotel

...this one, from when the ol' timers sat around in internet cafes
..."We Unite to Create Decadent Western Art." Now they're designing animation too!

for "In L.A." magazine originally

oops...if you want some of these, I have plenty I could still stamp n' send...

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