Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BGs Stayin' Alive, A Bunch of Recent Hi-Lites

Here are a few across the board. It's fun to do different things...
click on anything to see it bigger

Da Alps, a few show design samples for animation and presentation, Tricycle/Random House for KidScreen

A Morrocan gate...

and a "Boxetship" to the moon

a corporate office BG for a contractually undisclosed client...very mysterious
A laundromat for Word World Jr. online

Pig's good ol' BARN for Word World online

Building the new 3-D Lighthouse for Word World,
new season on-the-air now

Science Lab in color...
A field and a half of Science Lab for Curious/PBS Kids

Show design for Krudnut/PBS Kids

A rose, by any other name, spelled out for Word World/PBS Kids


  1. great work robert!
    this is gideon for some reason logged in as julie...but i'm sure she'd agree.

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