Friday, February 6, 2015

What's "Hot" in Our Media Will Make a Hell of a Life

"Stay calm. Share your bananas."
Koko, the sign-language gorilla (RIP)

Sometimes it can be pretty tough to stay positive these days, and though it seems we're going through a rough patch, maybe it's because of the kinds of messages that are directed at us. More to the point, maybe it's the messenger. This time, contrary to the old saying, perhaps we should "kill the messenger," since the messenger seems to be the true source of a lot of our troubles.
A painful example of this is the way our media covers natural catastrophes, like hurricanes, brushfires, airline crashes, and homicides; or they way they now build up normal weather events as if they were the end of the world; or the way certain events are portrayed as acts of "terrorism," when similar events aren't. What if, instead of constantly imposing scenarios of doom, our media public servants calmly and rationally supplied us with an informed strategy for getting through it together, and for rallying our resources to help the hardest hit? What a different world it could be. Why is our media so relentlessly irresponsible?

It's great to have all these cool inputs, this instant digital access to everything, but remember, to commercial media content providers, it's cool instant access right into your head (and the heads of our children). Our convenient, indispensable smartphones, tablets, and flat screens are very powerful psychic inseminators, loaded to put deliberately designed anxiety-laden attitudes and beliefs into your mind, often at barely noticeable, even subconscious levels. Amongst these are constant messages designed to make you feel agitated, ineffective, worried, and separated. (And I know I've got plenty to worry about without their help…)

I've worked in media for many years, and can tell you from experience that there really are little groups of people in media center offices making decisions directed towards making people feel personally 'less-than,' and sort of powerless on a mass-cultural level. These folks knowingly suppress anything that celebrates real extra-ordinary human potential, unless it can be turned to promote commercial goals. The true power of the spirituality they sometimes appeal to is ultimately passed over, and the power of materialism and consciousness of need put in its place. It's unconsciousness, stylishly clothed in the materialistic solution they provide, the answer to the problem they actually are creating. The goal is to make you feel insecure, envious, a bit desperate, and politically apathetic. When you succumb to those emotions, you're more ready to accept their solutions, and surrender your real spiritual potential.

It is the most disheartening part, too, that there really are people doing this to us on purpose – but fear not! Love always does triumph over evil, and it will for us, too.

First, there's an easy way to recognize the dark strategy that's pouring out of our screens and speakers. Just ask yourself three simple questions: Is this message inspiring Fear? Is Is this message propagating anxiety? Does this message have a commercial goal based on the first two questions? If the answer is yes, media pundits refer to the topic as being "hot."  A "hot" fashion, a "hot" item, a "hot" personality. (Thanks, Mr. McLuhan) Notice how it suggests, in a way, something that you have to catch up to; something that you need to have or need to know or need to see. Or that there's something to fear – something coming to get you, or coming to take away what you have. Even if it's something that's "really cool," often the bottom line is that it's something you need to be complete, and so to ameliorate the anxiety they've been creating in you; but what's media "hot" is spiritually not.
These are age-old methods of controlling people through fear. We say, "a darkness fell over the land," in the Fairy Tales, and we just can't afford this kind of selfish, unconscionable silliness anymore. Rise up, you armies of light!

Let's turn the old-school tables on our systemic perpetrators, and use a cool acronym to point out the anti-spiritual agenda:  PAGGLES! That's right – the good ol' Seven Deadly Sins! Pride, Anger, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Envy, Sloth. Notice how these topics serve as the themes for a good deal of what is called "entertainment" or "news" in our popular media. When you pick some media to pay attention to, ask yourself, "Is this PAGGLES?" If it is, rise up, and rise above it! As soon as you become aware of it, laugh…and TURN IT OFF. Start talking to your neighbors about what's real. Join associations of like-minded people. Support spiritually supportive cooperatives and political movements; and don't trust that media provider again! Go ahead and kill that messenger!

So what's the solution? The people (maybe you know some) who are responsible for this media, and may even believe in it, need extra Love and compassion to help them return to the human race – which isn't really a race at all, as they might believe, but a cooperative. The corporate media has even twisted the real message of Charles Darwin's "Evolution of the Species" to supply a basic miseducation. Darwin didn't discover "survival of the fittest," he discovered survival of the most adaptively cooperative. Current research conclusively demonstrates that two of the careers that attract the most 'psychopaths' are CEOs and media creators.  It will take a lot of real warmth, a lot of Love to overcome a twisted pathology that's so materially rewarded; but we have to try, or the world will continue to head in an unnecessarily destructive direction.

That low, slow, painful vibration of what's media "hot" isn't even warm by the principles of our rapidly evolving spiritual collective, based in compassion, sanity, and unity. Real warmth comes with a high hum – the vibration of Love, free from false fears and dark, selfish motives. The sun on everyone's face, and Love in everyone's heart.

You can re-define "success" as seeking Love and Light, unity, responsibility, peace, and happiness; protecting Life; being of service; experiencing the vibration of expanding consciousness without worry or regret that you don't measure up in some way. You don't have to pay attention to those media messages at all – just be truly present in each moment of your life. Follow your intuitive intelligence, and pay attention to what's really important! Live well. Recognize the Eternal in everyone. That's being successful.

"It is always the false that makes you suffer...Abandon the false and you are free of pain; truth makes happy; truth liberates."
Nisargadatta Maharaj

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