Tuesday, October 31, 2017

When Your Country Loses Its Soul, Hang On: “The Global Shift" is a Personal Thing

Now more than ever before it seems like our country is losing it’s soul—it’s connection to the real life of our world, but that's really nothing new since the materialistic sensibilities of 'modern Western' culture arrived in the Americas. The true story of our country as a political, material entity is pretty awful in many ways when you look at the actual impact we’ve had on the Life of the Earth.

Life will always feel rather lost (in every life you've ever lived) when you're exclusively connected to the world of the material—to the world of ego. In fact in those cases, the more materially-oriented the prevailing cultural attitudes are, the madder and more soulless the mad matter-world appears. The richer certain people get, the crazier and more mindlessly destructive they become. The Earth, in a completely justifiable protest, responds to man's fraudulent assertions to "success" and "control" by recycling life like shedding a skin, unfortunately now starting with the evacuation of the most innocently divine — the record loss of natural species we’re witnessing now. And so it appears more and more that the world loses its soul, because this diverse beauty is its expression of our collective global soul.

In truth everything is Divine, in every direction you look. Everything is incontrovertibly connected at an essential, elemental level—at the level of our shared Divine Ground of Being. When you consider the natural world, and the losses of it we're suffering as a result of our own actions, you feel the loss at that essential level—like part of yourself is being lost; because it is. That is your soul's recognition of your connection to The Divine. Unless you're paving over that awareness with self-importance and material gratification, you can’t help but feel it every day. The global "shift" in conscious awareness that we’re all hoping will save us is simply based in realizing that what never changes is what is really real—and what comes and goes isn't; and with the understanding that we are all the same Life, profoundly and irrevocably interconnected…and it will save us, but perhaps not right on our own schedule.

Thanks to growing population and instantaneous communication, many of us sense our Divine Connectedness arising in every direction we look, and it seems impossible that everyone hasn't become aware of our oneness, our mounting losses, and our increasingly precarious situation; but the sad fact is that they haven't. They can't see the obvious because the delusional ego-forms of the world they perceive dominate their reality. Sadly, there is no mass "shift" that is going to take place for these people—mostly men—that will remove the blinders from their eyes, and reveal the critical truths before it's too late. This ignorance is their karma. Everyone’s karma is to overcome this ignorance.

So, the miraculous shift is something that can only happen for you personally. It only ever has, and only ever will. That's the point of being in this world—for you to realize your divine connection to a deeper reality, regardless, in spite of, and inspired by the madness of the ever-changing material ego-world—a phenomenon the Hindus have long called maya—the play or illusion presented to us by human life on Earth. To think that there will be some chain of events that will inspire an instant change-of-heart for all those men who strive for "success" and control is to enter into the insane delusion that all of this can somehow be controlled. At best, we can only observe it, and respond and contribute to it as well as possible. To have compassion, and to be of service is to inspire the greatest possible “shift” for others. To behave unselfishly, responsibly, and to seek and express forms of Love is the only way to recreate Heaven on this Earth.

When we realize this, and let go of the need to control or fix the world, then we might "gain the world" — that is, we'll become able to move into other worlds of unimaginable beauty and potential, and create them around us. Those who don't get it, will continue to destroy the beauty of every world they inhabit — and we will always witness their madness, hopefully with enough compassion to allow us to make whatever changes we really can. Fortunately, it requires far fewer “enlightened” people to change the balance of the world; but that won’t happen until we reach that threshold of individual understanding and compassionate realization.

That's the true nature of this world—it's a place of great beauty, and great sadness, where the greatest thing we can gain or accomplish is that not-so-simple, extra-dimensional power we experience in our heart that we call Love. Everything else we must become willing to watch change and become willing to lose; and everything we wish to change, we can change, by bringing as much Love as possible to any world we occupy — but only one world at a time, starting with ourselves.

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