Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eluv's Ultrasounds, For da Soul!

It's fundraising time at WMNF, the Tampa public radio station that's home to our fav-orite "music of the spheres," Ultrasounds, hosted by the wonderful Eluv on her ex-cellent show that airs Thursday nights at 11 PM. Here she is, with my wife Sue Pike, The Animal Talker®, doing one of their reiki/sound healing sessions (...and hear Sue's animal messages every third Thursday on Ultrasounds, at about 11:15 PM)!

Contribute to the cause of spreading joy and gentle sanity by dropping a coin or two into Eluv's Ultrasounds Tip Jar on WMNF Radio.  Help keep her cool calming voice and super-serene selections beaming out across the universe!

You can also pick up some Ultrasounds for yourself, Eluv's incredibly beautiful ambient music for healing what ails you, like my favorite above – just  one of many available.
Cheers&Blessings, everyone! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weeds, Season 8: Growing a New Opening

Airing now for the Season 8 of Showtime's off-beat comedramady Weeds, are the new RSA-style animated opening credits very gratefully designed, directed, and drawn by yours truly; working along with my associates at IdeaRocket Animation, Will Gadea, and the very talented Irish After Effects wizard, Jonathan Parson at Mute Grab, the piece recaps the history of the show's storyline, up 'til this, the final season. It was a pleasure to work with the folks at Showtime, and with my IdeaRocket compadres. Check out this Studio Daily article, and have a look at our finished product: