Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eluv's Ultrasounds, For da Soul!

It's fundraising time at WMNF, the Tampa public radio station that's home to our fav-orite "music of the spheres," Ultrasounds, hosted by the wonderful Eluv on her ex-cellent show that airs Thursday nights at 11 PM. Here she is, with my wife Sue Pike, The Animal Talker®, doing one of their reiki/sound healing sessions (...and hear Sue's animal messages every third Thursday on Ultrasounds, at about 11:15 PM)!

Contribute to the cause of spreading joy and gentle sanity by dropping a coin or two into Eluv's Ultrasounds Tip Jar on WMNF Radio.  Help keep her cool calming voice and super-serene selections beaming out across the universe!

You can also pick up some Ultrasounds for yourself, Eluv's incredibly beautiful ambient music for healing what ails you, like my favorite above – just  one of many available.
Cheers&Blessings, everyone! 

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