Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Animals Are Our Partners in The Sacred: An Excerpt


This selection about recognizing the Sacred and spiritual stewardship is excerpted from 

      Our continued misuse of the sacred expression of animals to feed
our needs is quite harmful to our spiritual growth and realization.
This idea may sound extreme to you, but you can test it within yourself.
Does it make you uncomfortable to seriously consider livestock
factory conditions and methods of animal breeding and slaughter?
Look it up, focus on the actual techniques, and honestly consider
it in your own experience, and if it makes you uncomfortable at all,
you’ll know that you’re doing spiritual damage to yourself. You’re
making it virtually impossible to realize the graceful potential of Life
that’s available to us all when we recognize and respect the Sacred in
all things.
      Overlooking this potential is easy when we don’t recognize the
Divine Nature of Life, but many of us don’t think we can live any
other way. Acknowledging the Sacred in all things brings a saner and
more spiritually responsible way of living to light. For example, the
big beautiful steer we feel we must rely on for a source of protein got
big and beautiful by eating grass, so a more rational option, on every
level, is to do what benefits all Life, and try switching to a vegetable
protein–based diet. If it’s too big a leap at first, then take it a little at
a time. Look for providers who practice compassionate methods of
raising livestock—who treat, pasture, and feed animals in humanely
natural, spiritually evolved ways. Look at this issue from a spiritual
perspective—primarily as a respecter of Life, then as a responsible
steward of the planet.
     Proof of this improved reality exists in embodying all the benefits
that a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can bring. Not only will you always
have more and better energy pouring through your body, and be
physically much healthier by every available measure, but you'll also
likely live a lot longer. You'll find it easier to maintain a better attitude,
and to be happy—free from the subconscious guilt of participating in
any unnecessary exploitation of the Sacred. Instead, you'll elevate
your spiritual well-being by consciously celebrating it in every form.
It's the single best way you can personally address the extreme
environmental destruction and waste that animal exploitation inarguably generates, and you'll comfortably contribute to the recovery of the environment and the spiritual balance of the world.