Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Building a Pelican That Reads

A sneak peek at season three of Word World, where Art Direction/Design means building characters, locations, and props; creating, balancing and adjusting colors; and following up the 3-D building of it - making sure that everything looks right in the world.
Here are the stages of creating a character that "says it's own name" for a world where words come alive...Start with a drawing, a lot like an architectural plan...

Get it built in a 3-D grayscale version...

Then color rough it, and check the final word character, come to life!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Codename: Kids Next Door - Sooper Dangerous Weaponry

Codename: Kids Next Door is airing again on Cartoon Network, so here's a chunk of preliminary "2x4 Technology" weapons in celebration of the return! The Pepper Pistol, Glue Sub, "Splanker", and "Special Delivery" half-gallon blaster.