Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"The More Your Eyes Open, the More Sacred You See"

This excerpt is from How to Get to Heaven (Without Really Dying), 
Section 3: Purpose. 

Caught up in day-to-day life, it’s easy to overlook the miraculous nature of everything (especially in the morning before our first mi­raculous cup of coffee), but all we have to do is be present for one moment and there it is again, pouring out in every direction we look. Unconsciousness clings onto its defenses, but when you’re really honest with yourself and recognize the undeniable interconnected­ness of all Life, it’s hard not to appreciate the concept called pan­theism, the idea that absolutely everything is a manifestation of the Divine.

If you’ve been practicing the spiritually perspective-enhancing principles from the first chapters (kindness, humility, honesty, for­giveness, compassion, and service), you have probably noticed something happening as a result of your changing view of Life—the undeniable connection that changes you forever.

This is the realization that it deeply hurts you to cause pain. Causing injury to another sentient creature creates bad karma for you, and ef­fectively causes an injury to yourself. You begin to notice that when you say something that isn’t particularly thoughtful or considerate, it just sounds wrong to you. Like spilled coffee on a clean white shirt, you can’t wear it well—your ego may want you to conceal it, but your true self knows you need to quickly blot it out. Soon, small things that never mattered before come alive in your conscience. When you see a person being wasteful or exploitative, being a bully or a brag­gart, you sense the energy of injustice, of insecurity, of pain; and you increasingly feel like intervening somehow to possibly correct the impropriety. Pretty soon you’re capturing bugs in a jar and releasing them out the back door saying Go be free, my little bug friend.

You may start feeling a little out of place from the growing sen­sitivity to your surroundings, but this perceptual and behavioral change is really a very good thing. When you notice the harm you can do to Life when you’re not conscious of your actions, it means you’re beginning to develop the sensibilities of an angel.

You’re be­ginning to see and feel what Heaven looks and feels like.

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