Monday, March 28, 2011

Tales: How do Angels Walk Around?

Have you ever seen the beautiful Wim Wender's film, Wings of Desire? It's the story of angels who walk the Earth, providing compassion to human beings in need of it, yet experiencing no human sensation themselves. The world is black and white to them, and while no person they're near actually feels their touch, they can sense the presence of their Love and Compassion. I won't tell more of the plot, so that you can see it for yourself. It's a perfect renter for a rainy Spring Sunday.

In the film, the angels can hear your thoughts. They know you for who you actually are, because your outsides are inconsequential to them. The contents of your thoughts, driven or drifting, wistful, willful, insecure, clever or crazy, are available to them without your outward filter of "self." Your presentation to others. The result is an intensely identifiable, often rather sad experience of life-in-the-moment, experienced with the thoughts of each person they listen in on. We identify with both, the mortal's thinking-as-an-overlying-process, and the angel's penetrating compassion and under-standing. It makes you realize how "thinking like an angel" might create an experience of Love out of any moment.

If, when we listen to someone speak, at work, at play, or whenever, and we release the need to label them and what they say – their clothes, their opinions, their worries, and the like, we begin to have an amazingly angelic experience, like in the movie. Just let go of whether you think you like someone or don't; of whether you think they're quite brilliant, or talking a bunch of baloney. Release every bit of judgement and comparison that our minds spontaneously create by default; gain just that moment's bit of control over your thinking-as-an-overlying-process, and notice how your perception of that person changes.

You may suddenly see them as a child. Or as an old man or woman. They may appear to have had a difficult childhood, or a happy one; maybe including specific perceptions of their surroundings, like that they're from a small town, from the country, a gritty big city, and the like. This understanding may arise without you actually knowing anything about them. 

 As "intuitive intelligence" expands into the moment, you'll suddenly become able to almost see under the surface of other people. All external distinctions and definitions that your mind wants to impose on them will start to disappear. Then before you, you will perceive the true person – no designer labels, or nice hair, or bad attitude – full of all the experiences of a life, very much like yours, pouring out of them in every sentence, and in every gesture. You'll see into what causes made them the expression (of God) before you.

Then, you can know them. You'll know them for being who they are – very much who you are. And you'll feel that Angel's absolute compassion and understanding. Nothing that might normally bother you about them will bother you at all anymore. In fact, the person will become clear in your heart, and almost luminous and outwardly beautiful, regardless of what their appearance and demeanor might suggest otherwise.

And then, without ever actually touching them, they will sense the presence of your Love and Compassion.

"When you make the two into One,
when you make the inner like the outer
and the high like the low...
then you will enter into the Kingdom."

The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 22

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