Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Animation Design Comes to Life – Actual Shots from Different Spots

Here are shots from actual spots demonstrating how animation design fits content and brand; a variety of looks I've come up with for a variety of requirements – and shown in a variety of venues...
from online to on-the-air...

Design for an online animation, the kind I specialize in at

The hand-drawn style supplies unfolding action to the storyline...

Designing an entire world
where every character
is built from it's own word,
for Word World, airing on
PBS Kids...where I created a lot of easily-read characters,
their legible locations, and lots of their well-spelled stuff.

An editorial look for a groovy trip back in history...

And an upcoming animation describing what animation can do...

...maybe we'll end up with a corner office!
See what I do with IdeaRocket,

Call on me for any kind of animation design solution,
particularly if it's perplexing, pop, or playful!


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