Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Album Cover Art: It's a Lost Venue...

And I thought that I'd lost this stuff, until I stumbled upon it hunting up reference online the other day...
We illustrators used to have a great place to work – no, not on the breakfast-in-bed tray watching Bonanza reruns (although I did some of my best work that way)...I'm talking about the beautiful twelve inch square canvases called record album covers. It was like doing art for mini-billboards, compared to the postage-stamp formats of app buttons and website graphics...Here's a cover I did for WB back in about...well, before the millenium.

When I did this one for Dyer/Kahn Studio in L.A., I remember the big AD decision was whether the tough, sexy open mouth should be painted or airbrushed, but Toto (whoever that was) liked it rough.

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