Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Little High and Outside...

Sometimes, a show pitch gets really close. This is one of those that deserved to get on the air, but didn't quite make it (yet!). Done for the great creative team of Diane Kredensor, Jeff Buckland, and Jack Spillum at Tricycle. Shows have gotta have a look: "brand" forms, and a palette that can be spotted by a kid flying past a station, or an app, on a hand-held something, or at a store shelf. There's too much spiky generic design out there- good feeling makes the brand. This is a sort of fairy tale "Colorforms" world, with a touch of UPA, hopefully a lot of fun, and a sweet kind of softness that makes Math -the show's subject- seem not so hard. ( At least I thought it was hard when I was a kid...)

Here's the world where it takes place in rough form (pardon my blurred text). It helps to know where you are all the time...and solves a lot of problems for potential virtual versions.

A background (very) rough that didn't make it to color this time...with tiny versions of Diane's super cute characters. Development happens so fast these days, your first pass is usually all you get.

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