Friday, June 5, 2009

A Comic for MoCCA

I hesitate to post these old "SH&W" comics. Even though I did so many of them, you know, we become different people than who we once were. I'm now a tree-huggin' vegetarian. I enjoy SH&W now as an exploration of anima and animus, the duality of the conscious and unconscious, the juxtaposition of the feminine awareness (Winky) to the masculine self-centeredness (Sh#thead), but at the time I was just complaining, really. I came across this one housecleaning, it's from exactly 10 years ago and was meant to be in the next SH&W comic tentatively titled "The Big Change" (boy was it ever), but it was never published. Now it has some interest because of it's unfortunate here it is, dedicated to this weekend's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival. See you there!

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