Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MoCCA's Coming...

In this week leading up to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's 2009 Festival (June 6 & 7), I thought it would be fun to reach way back- in this case exactly 20 years- and post this corny old comic from Shithead's Book of Love, Sex, Pain, Commitment, etc., one of the five Shithead and Winky comics; it premiered at a book-signing at Buster's Newsstand, South of Market, San Francisco in the summer of 1989, thanks to "Buster," aka David Latimer, who also started The Nose magazine.  It's in color because I like the way some of the "Zip-a-tone" film shading turned yellow...remember Zip-a-tone?  If so, congratulations, you're still with us...You can see more old "SH & W" comix here.

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