Monday, April 20, 2009

Important Stuff!

Here's a nice spot to join in a cartoon day I'll color it.
    April 22nd is Earth Day, so plan something earthy for Mom - a picnic, plant something, or join one of the 'official' activities planned for your area.
    Of really super special importance is Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day, this coming May 17th, which will actually be May 16th from 10 PM EST to 12 midnite, if you want to join in this annual synchronized meditation for peace and consciousness.  What makes this so important is that it works!  Prior GPMP day meditations have been documented to have decreased global violence and increase global compassion( the "secret" force for good in the world).  Through Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project, data has been collected over a global network that indicates that the focused consciousness of a relatively small number (millions, in the case of GPMP Day, a few as 8 thousand in past experiments) of people taking part in this action has a real, measurable effect in the world.  Check the site to see the numbers.  It's evidence of the instant 'non-local' effect that quantum physics has shown us is operating in reality, and your chance to really make a difference.
    You can learn a whole lot more by reading Quantum Shift in the Global Brain, the truly amazing book by Ervin Laszlo, chancellor of GlobalShift University, and founder of The Club of Budapest.

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  1. Indeed this looks like a lovely spot to animate, I mean meditate.