Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Zero Point is Everything

"Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens."
Carl Jung

When you close your eyes, what do you see? Most people would say that they don't see anything except darkness. But you know that's not really true. What you actually see when you close your eyes is an amazing dance of electrochemical color fields and particles, waving and surging up out of the "darkness." You're seeing the effervescent energy that enlivens everything. Here is the ether – the Zero Point Energy ("emptiness") that for some reason, the human mind wants to call "darkness." It's from this rod-and-cone wave/particle participation that our shared consciousness creates everything we see. It's a view of the electric truth that powers these chemical robots we inhabit.

Must be that darn Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge we ate somewhere along the way that makes the ego-mind constantly strive to detach us from the reality of a world so obviously out-of-balance, and from an existence of inextricable interwovenness with every other human who's simultaneously experiencing many of the exact same thoughts, fears, and joys as you are. The ego-mind wants to separate everyone by constantly telling you that you're different and special. And of course, you are. Everyone is. In that very sense alone, we are all the same thing.

Look at the reflections of the sun dancing off the surface of a lake, then close your eyes and look the same way at the performance of energy in the after-imaging inside your eyes. Now look up a bit (eyes wide shut) toward the center of your forehead, towards your third eye, as we tree-huggers call it. There you may very well find a wellspring of golden-white shimmer amongst the dancing energies. It's the door to the source, and if you can stick your head in there a while, you'll come back refreshed and energized. If you don't make it in the first time, try it again. You'll get there if you try. Everybody does who tries (and always has), if they keep it up and allow it. You might recognize and enjoy this as a meditation.

If you can, go to a gallery that has some Rothko paintings, stand in front of one and stare transfixed into the center of it. The memory of lake reflections may very well kick you into a new understanding of art as a portal to the "unseen."
What do you hear when you listen to the voices in your head? Do you just hear one strong and clear voice that is "you?" Probably not. You might hear an anxious or worried voice; an assertive, resolved voice; a poetic, natural voice. Do you hear the calm voice of reason sometimes? Next time you hear that voice, concentrate on it, and identify yourself with it. That's your intuitive connection to universal intelligence, what The Buddha, Stephen Hawking, or Deepak Chopra might call, "the mind of God."

Are all these voices tantamount to schizophrenia? Sometimes. There's not that much difference really. Sometimes. It doesn't matter if they issue from the well of Jung's collective unconscious, from the dark recesses of your own "personal" psyche, from your right or wrong functioning brain chemistry, or from extra-dimensional entities (spirit guides) – what's the difference, really? You'll still know them by the fruit they bear.

This is where personal responsibility comes in. If a thought suggests that you do harm to yourself or someone else, it's coming from a bad place and needs to be ignored. It's not the real you, just a fear-based reflection of the world as our ego-mind needs to see it (or refuses to see it). Just ask for help from your "healthy psyche–well brain–angel spirit" voice, then sit still and listen for an answer. If you don't hear one, be quieter and listen closer.

This is an explanation for both the secular and agnostic (God bless 'em). My personal truth is somewhere around here: this is the voice of your ancestors, who walked on this very ground, and breathed this very air, and whose lives were no less important than yours for their passing, because you are living it now. So pay attention, even if someone tells you you're crazy to listen to that voice in your head. You may be crazy not to. Remember, your spirit guides are more authentic than any anchorperson will ever be...

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