Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Mediums to Live With

That word, medium, takes on several meanings when you're exploring inner worlds – drifting between dimensions, as we apparently can do if you follow Don Juan Matus, Erwin Schröedinger, Shivas Irons, or Sonia Choquette. All really excellent teachers in their own right. 

The first sense of it, having to do most simply and straightforwardly with scale, can also be the most difficult to comprehend personally. Naturally, we all know that we're much smaller than some things and much larger than others, but it's our uniquely human perception, by way of our "ego interface," that complicates the simplicity of our real relationship to the Universe. Our ego always wants us to imagine ourselves as being the center of everything; which obviously isn't the case.
We're only the center in the sense that our senses intersect where we are. We see it, feel it, hear it, etc., here in this place, with this body. The rest of the Universe really can't be bothered; so that can be a problem when we feel we've been gravely misunderstood, unacknowledged, slighted, or otherwise "victimized," and the like – or if we have indigestion or an achin' back.

Thanks to folks like Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Michio Kaku, we know that our field of being is regulated by our relationship to a variety of other fields that determine the nature of our physical reality, and describe the state we're taking.  Our form and the forms around us; the energies that affect ourselves and our material world; the direct physical "realities" of our mass and our velocity (...which in my case tends to become greater and slower as I accumulate "data"). 
Even the magical beauty of Quantum Physics can't explain the medium in which all this funny action takes place, that is, in part how the elegance of String Theory came about, so we might simplify all of this in a physical way by saying that everything issues from a "zero point field," or what was, in an archaically accurate way, referred to as the "ether."

Seeing as we like elegance, perhaps there's a elegant theory of everything that describes our human experience: A medium which can contain and promulgate our less tangible characteristics and abilities, namely the ability to sense, to emote, to perceive the nature of our sensory being – in short, all the stuff about life on earth that physics can't hope to describe. I think I'll call that medium the field of Love.
You might not like the rhapsodic, idyllic connotations of the word, so you may want to substitute something else, like creation or reason;  but I like Love as the foundational energy field animating our experience because it can so suitably describe the creation of everything that's of value in our perception.
 Love is the field from which our creative passions, interests, and accomplishments arise. Where our unique human-ness comes from. It's where, in a way, we all come from; within (or without) in which we experience our most meaningful experiences and relationships to the world; and what we struggle to return to, in spite of ourselves, our whole lives long.
When we recognized Love as our field of origin, being, and purpose, it's easy to see that the realization of it as our #1 elemental energy can also clearly provide us with the answers to all of our problems.

My last sense of the word is very personal. It has do do with how some of us are especially gifted, and how all of us might be magically enabled – even beyond our wildest expectations. For this, I'll resort to personal experience. My Wife, Sue Pike, "The Animal Talker®," is a medium and spirit channeler that people all over the country listen to on the radio, and call for help with discovering what their animal partners are thinking and feeling. This is all stuff that years ago I wouldn't have bought into, but I'll tell ya, the jury is definitely in on this for me; there's just too much amazing evidence I've seen over the years...in fact, it's daily.
Some people have an uncanny knack for accessing the field of being that enfolds and connects all life on earth (and apparently elsewhere as well...). They've been given, or have developed a sixth sensory capability that likewise can't be described by science, but can be reliably measured and replicated using scientific methods. I't just true, and that's all there is to it. And here's the interesting thing that most of these mediums (including my wife) tell us – that anybody can do it. And in the case of my wife, it comes from allowing it to exist with an open heart. It comes from experiencing the medium of Love.

When we turn off the serial processor in our heads, identify with the state of consciousness that exists beneath our thoughts, then engage the world with the parallel processor in our heads, enabled by way of an open heart, we can experience a sixth-sensory state of being. You might cal lit intuition. You might call it having a voice in your head, other than your own. Whatever you call it, it can help you to create a life whose purpose and direction is clearly drawn, and gracefully experienced. 

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