Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Special Message From Sue Pike, The Animal Talker®

My Wife, Sue, is a wonderful healer – animal communicator, reiki master, spiritual guide; and she recently put out this urgent heads-up that I thought I'd better post for you guys...check it out (she's very connected!)

Hello All!

I've been getting to send everyone an email about messages I'm here we go!

The energy is moving very quickly right now. If you are working on something that you LOVE, keep on track – you will notice things developing quickly. Keep focused and clear about your intentions.

This is the time to make the changes you have been thinking about. Don't delay! Remove any fears or obstacles that may be blocking you from creating what you want in your life. This could mean a whole new career, starting a new business, new relationship, etc. It also could mean shifting something that you already are involved in, but need to change the dynamic of.

Universe, God/Goddess, Source, however you like to call it, wants you to be in your light, your power. Not an ego-based power, but [the power] of your authentic self.

What's important is to keep Love in your heart! Self-acceptance is the key, as well as forgiveness – for yourself and others.

If you're not sure what "you want to do," but know in your heart what you're doing isn't it, then maybe go to a career counselor, or someone who can assist you in this. [Make a change!]

If you are an "empath," remember that you can always ask your Guides. If you are feeling the energy swirling around, or heavy, or whatever....ask them to lift it from you, for relief from the weight of the world. This is very important, to keep balanced and happy.

I support all of you in whatever process you are going through right now. If you've been experiencing any type of personal turbulence, pay attention. What is it that you need to look at? Do you need to change something in your life? What's not working for you anymore? – It's time to release it. And, by the way, if you are, you are definitely NOT alone!

Please know that you are all light beings :)

Help each other. Help a friend. Help a stranger (but don't tell anyone you did). Be a listener.

Wishing you all a wonderful, joyful day.

I just want to reiterate that *energy is moving very quickly right now*, so keep focusing on what you desire, not what you don't. I feel VERY excited about this...

Love and Light,


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