Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tales: Little Big Ego

"Ego specialness prevents you from authentic feelings of sacredness by creating an inner experience of fear."

Wayne Dyer

There are, generally speaking, two aspects, or types of ego that make a person so. One is a healthy, not particularly prominent ego that allows the true self to interact with material life in an easy, unfettered way. Things aren't so terribly important. One is rarely offended - tolerance and acceptance come naturally. This ego is beneficial because it provides a sound natural foundation while playing a relatively small active role in an individual's development. The healthy person finds it naturally easy to "stay out of their own way," permitting the flow of Source energy, which is Love, to grow the true self. This ego is grounded in Love.

The other ego is unhealthy. Over-important; over-complicated. The voice of the False Self. This self-important ego (naturally less-healthy) sometimes or often acts as the main interface with material life, pressing unfair and unnecessary demands and comparisons on an individual, becoming easily offended, lacking in tolerance and acceptance. It stifles the growth of the natural self by impeding, or totally cutting off, the flow of Source energy, which is love. In this way, we innocently become our own worst enemy. This ego is grounded in Fear.

Here is the essence of the metaphor of The Garden of Eden. The unhealthy ego knows everything, and always needs to be right. It makes a constant diet of "the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil" (judgment and comparison). And when it serves as the sole intermediary to the universe, to the Source, the hapless natural self is banished from the garden, and simply being is never enough. One must become something other than their authentic, natural self, based on what they think others expect them to be.

On a larger scale, this unhealthy egoic thinking process is the mass default for Western culture, and increasingly with the export of American consumerism, for the rest of the world as well. The rapid expansion of this dangerously delusional unhealthy mass ego-- given a voice by round-the-clock media programming and driven by equally unconscious advertising, is the reason that we find the very survival of all species- the very ability of our planet to sustain life as we know it, suddenly in such precarious circumstances. This mass ego lives to "control" and exploit the earth in order to ameliorate a voracious need that can never be met. It lives by creating it's own "map" of reality, and only functioning by looking at that delusional "map," instead of paying attention to the actual geography and conditions of the world around us. The sooner we personally cut through the useless and destructive mass ego to the simple underlying truth, and become honest-- first with ourselves, and then with others, the sooner we'll see that no matter how big the problem, there is a spiritual solution. This honesty, the act of becoming aware, will allow you to recognize the manipulations constantly imposed on you by the destructive mass ego, and to dismiss them with kindness and compassion. With these simple realizations, we will become spiritual beings (which, of course, we already are), and the inevitable spiritual evolution of our species will finally become real.

Evidence of this spiritual evolution of humankind is all around us. More and more people all the time (maybe you) are able to simply see the real state of the world around us, and to say: "Wait a minute! This is crazy! We can't do this anymore." That's the window of opportunity. Climb through it and from that moment on, your intuitive intelligence will be activated and will direct you to behave in a whole new (responsible) way that will lead to your feeling of connectedness with all life, and a new sense of wholeness and happiness; to the healing of our mass psyche; and most importantly, to the preservation of all the threatened species of our animal brothers and sisters, and the healing and renewal of our planet's ecosystems.

"When Man ate of the fruit of the Tree, he discovered himself in the field of duality instead of the field of unity. As a result, he finds himself out, in exile." Joseph Campbell

"Unless the the human race realizes with a passion and reverence beyond thoughts or words it's inter-being with nature, it will destroy in it's greed the very environment it is itself sustained by."

Andrew Harvey