Saturday, February 28, 2009

Signs of Shifting Times

    You may find yourself worrying, in the midst of all these difficulties, can things really change for the better?  Here's a few very recent signs of the shift that I picked up on last night's media:

  •     On Countdown with Keith Olbermann, there were two powerful signs of cultural awareness.  The first case was Chris Hayes from The Nation discussing the fact that inside the beltway in D.C., the media is "hard-wired" to the The Right, and so continues to give equal time or better to Republican talking points that were rejected by a large majority in the last election. If you voted as most people did in the last election, and you watch network and cable news, you know this is true.  Last night was the first time I've ever heard that said aloud on network.  You will hear it pointed out more often.  Awareness precedes change, and exposure to the truth precedes awareness.  Besides, the election told the true story.
  •     Also on that show was an interview with Janeane Garofalo where she talked about Rush Limbaugh, and those who follow him, in a very honest way- more accurately and candidly than I've ever heard expressed on major media.  In the last 1:20 of the interview in particular, she defines a form of spiritual sickness that affects a lot of people which she kindly refers to as "human frailty."  We're not hearing the word spiritual used quite yet, but it's contained there nonetheless.
  •     President Obama, in the submission of his first budget to Congress, has created the standard that all costs will be honestly and accurately represented.  This indicates a major shift in the approach to the budgeting process that has never been attempted before.  Just the intent to institute this standard represents a huge shift towards ethics in our government.  Mr. Obama's election and principles represents this shift on an overall larger cultural scale, as you already know intuitively.
  •    Something not so topical, but equally indicative that those on-line may have already considered, is the simple corporate motto of Google: "Don't Do Evil."  That the world's most influential corporation would aspire to that simple level of ethical behavior is truly remarkable, and indicates massive change in the direction our society is heading.  Imagine if our government and Wall Street adhered to that simple axiom.  In the future, they will have to.

     How can you contribute to this change, and elegantly support this colossal shift?  Simply know in your heart that these changes are coming.  Forgive the spiritually sick immediately, and be of service to one another.  If that sounds pretty easy, it's because it is.  All it takes to help the occult fear-grounded powerbase (dark) find the door, is to surround yourself with the conditions you want (light).  Gandhi said something like, " the change you seek."   In the meantime, check out the YouTube link called "Ian Lungold Lecture" in my site link column.  There are some great ideas about the change that's coming there.   Blessings!    

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