Monday, July 3, 2017

When is Your Real Independence Day?

Independence Day, as we celebrate it in the U.S.A., is really a kind of arbitrary acknowledgement of a mythical, political event. It celebrates one country’s “freedom” from another country’s set of rules and demands—a release from a theoretical form of enslavement. Ironically, of course, our country was simultaneously being built towards its “independence” on the backs of actual—not politically theoretical—slaves, abducted from their happy homes in Africa, and pressed into hard labor upon pain of death. When their independence day was is another story, based on their supposed release from a new country’s set of rules and demands.
In truth, none of these events marked a true Independence Day, as all of the participants continue to enforce material standards for happiness and fulfillment—material “progress,” material “accomplishment,” material “gratification.” (That’s a lot of “important” stuff in quotation marks, isn’t it?)

Your real Independence Day comes when these things happen:

When you are released from the material expectations of “who you are supposed to be.”

When you are released from the patently insane manipulations of the “powerful” and the political to impose standards and expectations on you that, in reality, have little or nothing to do with real happiness and fulfillment.

When you escape the harsh self-judgment that accompanies the arbitrary, often unnatural material expectations enforced by a culture that’s based on delusions.

When you release yourself from an entirely unwarranted sense of self-entitlement that falsely places you above your fellow human beings, and their actual rights and needs.

When you allow every other form of Life to live as an expression of Divine Consciousness, without imposing your own selfish cravings on their right to live life freely.

When you can simply live in your authentic, Divine nature—being who you really are, and allowing the same consideration of everyone else you encounter, without imposing material judgments, comparisons, or expectations.

When you release this Divine Planet from the grip of your own selfish needs, and contribute to that planetary liberation on a collective basis, acknowledging everyone’s right to share equally in the Earth’s resources; and recognizing all of our responsibility to act as considerate and compassionate stewards of our Mother Earth. 

           When, through self awareness and meditation, you can escape the harsh process of uncontrolled serial thought, and identify with your true, serene inner self.

When you realize the destruction of the obstacles we build to experiencing the true force of Love in our lives—that is, when you can simply share the real wants and pleasures of this life with those you love—and with everyone (and everything) else!

Even if you can just try to begin to check the main points of personal freedom off that list (but then, they all are main points…), then you can really wish yourself—and everybody else,

Happy Independence Day!

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