Tuesday, January 27, 2009

     A lot of my friends don't seem to care for winter.  Too cold.  So is it crazy for a guy from the dry eastern hills of San Diego to like the cold as much as I do?  But I never said I wasn't crazy.    
    It's fresh.  You bundle up.  You can wear your plushest, coziest clothes.  Your fuzzy scarf up around your nose, and woolly gloved hands down in the pockets of your Great Coat.      
    That's nice.  We never got to do that in San Diego.  There, you're always underdressed, so when it's fifty degrees, you freeze.  If you go to California in the winter, take a good coat, and sweaters. That cold ocean air off the Pacific... and you in your shorts.  I know most people might prefer that, but I like the changing
    Winter only lasts a little while.  Get in your pajamas  and enjoy it while it's here!   

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